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Ciplogic's Code Editor supports multiple code renderers in order to highlight the source code (currently both HTML and GeSHi are provided). A code renderer is a piece of software that takes the text of the source code and creates nicely marked HTML out of it.

The HTML code renderer does the highlighting at article editing time, while GeSHi does it when your site decides to render that particular article, thus a bit of overhead is placed onto the server.

In order to support a 0 configuration experience, the HTML renderer is recommended. This has also the advantage of allowing  you to migrate your site and articles, even if you don't reinstall the Ciplogic's Code Editor, since now they're not trapped inside weird looking <pre> tags.

Now, if you already have a website, you've already wasted counltess hours installing and configuring GeSHi, it might make less sense to switch to the HTML Renderer at this stage, but you still want to use the Ciplogic's Code Editor. Then a different plugin is available where you can add your code samples using GeSHi - you can find it on the downloads page.

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